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Frequently asked questions

Can you do our taxes?

At this time, we only provide income tax planning, preparation and filing services to our full service controller and CFO clients. We are happy to manage the relationship and liase with your current tax accountant to ensure they have the data they need, relieving you of the headaches normally associated with tax time.

How much will it cost?

Pricing varies by client based on scope, complexity, duration and urgency. We provide both flat fee and hourly billing options, depending on your budget, needs and nature of the project.

Will you be able to support my business remotely or can you come to my location?

We serve the majority of our clients on a 100% remote basis. Depending on your budget, needs, staffing, current systems and proceses, we will engage in on-site working sessions with clients on occasion. Keep in mind, not all businesses are a good fit for remote relationships. You must have the proper technology in place and have strong, efficient means of communication. Providing proper access and responding timely to requests is also critical to ensuring we are able to deliver results as promised.

Are you able to provide full-time support?

Sure! We would love to be your full-time accounting & finance department. We do often find, however, that clients who are looking to replace a full-time employee, end up requiring less than our full-time attention. An employee is almost never going to tell you when they aren't busy, but we only charge for the scope of work or project we are engaged to fullfill. You will be amazed at what can be done when processes and systems are structured efficiently.

We already have a payroll system. Can you use the one we have?

Our experts have thoroughly tested and vetted our preferred systems and technologies. We believe the tools and platforms we use are the very best, which is why we will only provide payroll support utilizing our preferred technology platforms.

Our accounting system is on a desktop in the office. Can you still support us?

We are a remote support operation and can only support clients utilizing cloud-based accounting platforms. At this time, our preferred accounting software packages are Xero and QuickBooks Online, however, we do support other cloud-based systems. We offer conversion services for businesses looking to make the move from desktop software to a cloud-based accounting platform. Give us a call about pricing and packages.